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Please join us at these UPCOMING EVENTS
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“Mount Shasta Experience” with Tim Corcoran

Friday October 17th, 4-7:30pm

with a special audio/visual event happening from 6:00pm-7:30pm

Tim Corocoran

Please join us for an evening of art, wine and food with a special “Mount Shasta Experience” with Tim Corcoran where the audience will journey around Mt. Shasta from the comfort of their chairs!

Tim Corocoran'

Tim Corcoran .. Tim Corcoran

Tim Corcoran





Karrie Ann Snure

Karrie Ann Snure

Karrie Ann Snure

Karrie Ann Snure

Photographer Karrie Ann Snure




Still Showing!!



Lori Garfield .. Lori Garfield

Lori Garfield


Lori Garfield

An emerging realist oil painter, Lori Garfield developed style and focus through workshops, independent study and three years at a classic Russian Atelier/Art Academy. Those Academy years are evidenced in her work interpreting the human form. Her heart however, is clearly with the animals; whether it is companion animals, horses or wildlife. As an animal artist her work is guided by a commitment to protect and communicate the living breathing soul within all species.



Still Showing: CLARANN BJERS

Clarann Bjers is a local resident of Mt. Shasta, where she began her glass work when her sons needed an art class and they took a fused glass class at College of the Siskiyous. When her sons moved on to other interests, Clarann continued on in the classes and began to play with lampwork glass as well. Today she is a prolific artist with her own art studio!

Clarann Bjers

Clarann Bjers .. Clarann Bjers .. Clarann Bjers

Bjers has been with The Gallery in Mt. Shasta for almost two years now and she is well known in the Mount Shasta community and artistic circles. She loves to experiment and has recently been creating larger art pieces that hang on the wall or in windows. With her larger pieces, she works with fused glass. She also makes lampwork beads and jewelry. Each piece of Clarann’s artwork is handcrafted and one-of-a-kind!




Willo Balfrey


Willo Balfrey

"Spring Willows" by Willo Balfrey


Patrons and collectors of Balfrey’s work all are drawn to the romance and memories that are stirred by her art work. The show is named “Stirring Loving Memories” due to a comment of a recent patron who said, “I just received my pieces today. They are beautiful! I am so thankful and happy that I now own some of your work… I feel that same calming sense of familiarity… they stir loving memories within me”.

Willo Balfrey

"Alpine Glow" by Willo Balfrey

Willo Balfrey

"Flowing" by Willo Balfrey


Balfrey is an award-winning artist, and she has been a long-time featured artist at The Gallery in Mt. Shasta.  Her paintings, pastels and oils, reflect her love of the landscape and she comments that she “invites the viewer to enter the painting, stay awhile, and enjoy the scene with her”.

Willo Balfrey is nationally known and her paintings have been accepted into the Pastels Society of Americas shows.   She has been included in the Pastel Journal issue of “Top 100 Show (from 3,500 entries) and was given an Honorable Mention.  Balfrey was also selected to show 12 pieces at Sotheby’s in Carmel. 



Still Showing: Chuck Nelson

Chuck Nelson’s photography features local scenery and wildlife, from the perspective of the ranch. Signed copies of his book, “Life at the End of a Dirt Road” will also be available and can be personalized during the show!

Chuck Nelson .. Chuck Nelson

Chuck Nelson

Nelson’s book is described as “sometimes funny, sometimes poignant but always interesting view of life on a working cattle ranch. With wry humor and insight, Chuck Nelson recounts a vanishing way of life played out on a 1,700-acre ranch” in Siskiyou County during the mid-20th century.

In 1947, at three years old, Chuck Nelson moved with his family onto a remote cattle ranch in Siskiyou County. While growing up there, he developed a deep appreciation for the natural wonders around him, which led to a keen interest in nature photography. His photography features the stunning Shasta Valley and Mt. Shasta from the Northern view.

Today Nelson is retired from a 34 year law enforcement career and continues to expand his photographic portfolio of Nelson Ranch and wildlife such as quail and wild geese.



Still Showing: Chuck Prudhomme

The Gallery in Mount Shasta is showcasing new oil paintings by Chuck Prudhomme!

Chuck is a new artist to The Gallery.

Chuck Prudhomme .. Chuck Prudhomme .. Chuck Prudhomme

Chuck Prudhomme .. Chuck Prudhomme

He is described as a “Colorist” and prefers to paint with the natural lighting that plein-aire painting provides when he paints landscapes or architectural paintings. His preferred medium is oil paints, which he uses to express a colorful world and portraits.


Chuck Prudhomme

Chuck Prudhomme, Artist

Prudhomme began his artistic career in 2002, after 21 years flying helicopters for the US Army and the US Coast Guard, flying emergency medical helicopters for hospitals in Texas, Arizona and California, operating fire suppression helicopters for Cal Fire and a stint as a Flight Safety Officer for a helicopter company.
He has turned retirement into a foray into life as an artist. Regular journeys on his Harley-Davidson, cruising the back roads and highways of the country, bring plenty of inspiration to his canvas.

Prudhomme has lived in Redding for over ten years, far away from where he grew up in East Africa!  “I’ve traveled my entire life,” he said. “Now, I have no destination in mind. There are no plans. The journey is the destination.”